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Teaching Receptive Language Skills
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Similarly, a learner may meet the mastery criterion but perform poorly during maintenance and generalization probes. Conclusion Receptive language skills are ubiquitous in everyday situations.
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Develop a Strategy The instructor should select either an observing or differential observing response depending on the learner's current observing repertoire.
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Prostate/Rectal Ultrasound
Anal Instruction probing for
For a learner with a documented history of faulty stimulus control i.
Anal Instruction probing for
Rectal Ultrasound - Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates
Anal Instruction probing for
Why would they bother with it?
Anal Instruction probing for
For example, if a learner is having difficulty observing the relevant visual stimuli during a program to teach receptive identification of an elephant, rhinoceros, and a zebra, the instructor could intersperse trials where the learner is required to match the critical feature s of the animals e.
Anal Instruction probing for
Previous research indicates that exposure to ineffective prompt fading procedures can impede learning despite the introduction of effective fading strategies Schilmoeller et al.
Anal Instruction probing for
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